Currency Exchange Agency – Forex4Less


These legal terms and conditions, which outline our obligations as a provider, your rights and obligations as a client, as well as information about reserving currencies for pick-up in branches, will regulate the provision of the services mentioned here.

Booking Process:

You can book on the website in English. Only a limited number of currencies are kept in physical stock, bookings can only be made for those that are available. You can place For each currency request, an estimated time of collection determined by the availability and collecting location will be provided on the website. Orders for a minimum of AUD 250 and a maximum of AUD 10,000 in a 24-hour period are allowed.

In any circumstance, the consumer is required to supply a proper identity, an email address, and a phone number so that Global Exchange may get in touch with him or her and deliver the booking. A maximum value per calendar month, quarter, and year may apply to reservations.

Payment method:

The full booking amount needs to be paid in cash, card, or bank transfer.

Currency Collection:

After 2 business days of email confirmation, the reservation will be ready for pickup in the branch at your foreign location.

The customer will be asked to present a legal form of identification since only the person who made the booking will collect it.

Booking confirmation:

You will receive a confirmation email with the details of the transaction, including the approximate price, additional costs, the method of payment, the collection address, and the day and time slot for collection, once you have made a booking for in-branch collection and we have accepted it.


The user can cancel the booking at any time before the pickup date has expired. To cancel the booking the customer needs to contact Forex 4 Less customer service.

The booking will be deemed cancelled if the customer does not appear for collection at the selected branch on the pick-up date, or within the next 24 hours.